Damage of Fast Foods to our Health

Eating fast food is convenient, you can find a shop like this very close to you, and it’s one of those meals you enjoy on the fly and move on with your day. Around 36.6% of adults ate fast food on any day between 2013 and 2016, and things have gotten worse since that point. Not only that, but around 74% of parents end up purchasing unhealthy foods for their kids too. But how does fast food affect our health and body?

Short term effects

Fast food is known to have a lot of trans or saturated fats, salt and sugar. If you eat fast food in the morning, you will feel hungrier during the day. On top of that, these fast foods have lots of carbs, and that increases the demand for insulin. As a result, you end up feeling hungrier than ever before during the entire day.

You will also feel lethargic during the entire day, and that comes due to eating a lot of calories. There’s also constant bloating. The reason for this is fast foods have lots of sodium. Ideally, you want to have under 1500 mg of sodium per day, and never go over 2300 mg. With fast food you can usually get there, and that’s what makes you retain water, feel puffy and bloated. This can also lead to constipation.

Long term effects

Short term problems might seem troublesome already, but the truth is that the long term effects are much worse. One of the issues that appear after eating fast food often is that you end up gaining a lot of weight. This puts you at risk, since you end up developing a lot of chronic diseases. On top of that, eating fast food often leads to skin problems like acne.

Another problem is that as you eat more fast food, your cognitive functions and memory will decline. These foods have a negative impact on your heart, but the high amount of fat also leads to a less efficient brain. These saturated fatty acids are impairing the prospective memory and memory speed.

It’s also important to note that when you eat fast food often, your teeth will decay quite a bit. Plus, people that eat these unhealthy foods also combine them with soda. Unfortunately, drinking lots of soda can lead to many dental health problems. Add to that the fact that your blood sugar will spike, you will suffer from constant mental health issues and your kidneys will suffer, then you can see why eating fast food is not a good idea.


If you want to improve your health, it’s imperative to remove unhealthy foods such as fast food from your diet. Instead, you want to replace those foods with healthy, high quality food that’s filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. All you have to do is to download the Kitchen Finder app right now, and you will have no problem shifting your diet and taking it to the next level. Stop relying on fast foods and use Kitchen Finder today to access some of the best foods!