Kitchen Finder App

Founded by food lovers, Kitchen Finder is an app launched to help connect chefs, cooks and caterers with kitchens for rent. It is a robust app with the best database of commercial and personal kitchens for rent. In short, we connect cooks with kitchen owners.

As lovers of food and business owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to start and run a food business. As a general rule, you can’t prepare food for sale out of your home due to licensing restrictions so many would be cooks have to rent out or buy commercial kitchens to get started.

In addition many new chefs don’t have the resources to build out a licensed commercial kitchen with equipment. Add to the costs of leasing out the locale, this leaves many would be chefs on the sidelines.

Finally there are regulatory and licensing requirements that needs to be met to open a commercial kitchen. The Kitchen Finder App was created to solve this issue. Why not rent someone else’s kitchen to get started? Commercial kitchens for rent, commissary kitchen rentals, co-op kitchens, and contract packagers (copackers) could be your solution! And now you can find it in one place, which is available for download in Apple and Google.

If you are a commercial kitchen owner that that has already made the investment in a commercial kitchen facility and professional food preparation equipment, it can make a lot of sense to rent/share your kitchen with other food startups in order to generate additional revenue and recoup your commercial kitchen investment.

The best part about it that is free to list your kitchen in the kitchen finder app directory!