New ways to get food

Millennials are changing the way we eat as they are most likely to want to eat restaurant food but stay at home.

Millennials tend to cook less and eat out more than previous generations and technology are coming up with new ways to meet that demand. The latest app to meet this trend is Kitchnfinder.

Kitchen Finder matches up kitchens with cooks who can rent out these kitchens on an hourly basis. It is a different business model than the typical restaurant business as the customers will never come into your locale.

There are no servers and no dining rooms. The beauty of this model is that it is not capital intensive and not high risk.

This shift in the way consumers are dining, is enabling new platforms to meet this demand.

For many chefs who don’t have the capital but have a burning desire to bring their recipes to the masses, the Kitchen Finder app solves this problem.

It is also a way for chefs to try out new ideas that they would not be able to do with a huge overhead. In addition platforms like these are great for weekend chefs who have great food ideas and a love of cuisine. It is great for these types of cooks to make money with a side hustle.