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The rise of delivery only restaurants

I use to live in Ecuador and I love Pan De Yuca, the only way I could get that dish was by traveling to Ecuador to get that meal.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the convergence of commercial kitchens and on-demand food delivery services, anyone living or working near one of these kitchens can get this.

Ecuadorians love their food and are great cooks. Now instead of travelling to Ecuador and buying that dish, all they have to do now is to access their phone download the Kitchen Finder app.

The app connects commercial kitchens with chefs who want to create their own food. And if an Ecuadorian wants to make and sell his Pan De Yuca, he now can.

This is not some small niche market,Morgan Stanley believes the online food delivery market to be over $20 billion dollars Kitchn Finder is tapping into this trend by matchmaking kitchen spaces with cooks 2020.

Kitchen Finder plans to tap into all of the available kitchen spaces out there that have excess capacity but developers around the world are investing in renovating old warehouse and manufacturing facilities to create "ghost kitchens," spaces that facilitate low-overhead operations that don't require seating, servers, or other public-facing personnel. The developers are doing this because they know there is a demand for these types of spaces.

E Commerce is fueling this trend where people are getting more and more comfortable ordering everything off their phone including new and different dishes. Things unheard of just a generation ago.

This is also being fueled by the gig economy where technology is creating more and more ways of making money. So great and competent chefs can now make a side income creating great food and selling it via an app