The Rise of Online Ordering

Established restaurants with commercial kitchens are now experimenting with new lines of business. Frato’s Pizza, out of Chicago sells Pizza through its store front, but in the kitchen, the cooks are creating dishes for four other restaurants at the same time.

The owner Michael Kudrna, launched four new restaurants this year: chicken gyros for Halal Kitchen, chicken tenders for Tenderlicious, salmon grilled cheese for Cheesy Deliciousness, and Butterfinger milkshakes for Heavenly Shakes - all of which can only be ordered through online apps like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

The owner launched the four new eatery’s earlier this year in order to keep his business ahead of a growing trend: restaurants conceived only for delivery or take-out. Restaurants all over the country are experimenting with these virtual spinoffs. These owners already have the kitchen space so capacity is not the problem.

Other would be chefs are creating their own delivery businesses by renting out commercial kitchens and then listing their food in delivery apps. New apps have come to help this new trend with apps like that helps cooks find available kitchens for rent.

The rising popularity of ordering in instead of dining out along with the power of third-party delivery companies, have transformed the way many people find restaurants and raised expectations for speed and convenience. In the past, many mothers would drive by McDonalds and bring back food for dinner. But now, they can use apps like to find new and different types of food to eat.

Stay tuned for this new trend in new food service solely dedicated to food delivery that will allow new and healthier ways for people to eat.