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Speciality Kitchens

As a society, consumers have become much more aware of the different food options available to them. While at the same time becoming very conscious of how the food is prepared. For example, just a few weeks ago I had a barbecue at my house and two of the guests were vegetarians and did not want any of the vegetarian dishes off the grill. Why? Because the same grill had been used to cook meat. So even though I offered them vegetarian food, the manner in which it was prepared mattered to them.

Food preparation involves the entire spectrum of events from obtaining to eating the food. Bear in mind most of the food that we get in raw form is not best to eat as is. Cleaning the food is the first step in food preparation The need for this is obvious for things like meat, which can contain harmful bacteria if not cleaned properly. In many cultures, including certain Jewish and Muslim dietary restrictions, the proper handling of meat is paramount.

Cleaning is just as important for other ingredients as well, including natural fruits, vegetables, and grains. For example, some vegans and vegetarians will only eat organic so now kitchens have to handle these types of requirements as well.

Proper food preparation is nothing unusual for many cultures, because it is as just as important as the food. Kosher food has strict requirements for how food is not only prepared but the mixing of certain ingredients is also strictly prohibited. Kosher connoisseurs can only eat kosher food prepared in a kosher kitchen.

The kitchen finder app which just recently launched is meant to address this exact problem of having kitchens classify themselves regarding the foods that they can prepare. When using the app vegetarians can feel confident that can order food from kitchens that they know adhere to proper vegetarian food preparation. But it is not only vegetarians, kitchens will be able to classify themselves as kosher compliant, no nuts kitchens etc. The aim here is to bring food preparation to a new level so that customers can feel they are buying food in the manner they want it best prepared.